Goalie Training

All training session focuses on all aspects of the position: shot stopping, stick work, out-of-goal play, communication, as well as the mental game.




Private/One-on-One Workouts

Private workouts are all about you or your goalie, from beginning to end. We have the ability to slow things down or speed things up depending on the needs.  These sessions that can be used as an introduction to the position, working on problem areas of your game, tune-ups to keep you going strong in and out of season, or to just get better.

                                             Contact us for weekend or weekday private lesson availability 


                                   If you are interested in a One-on-One Workout, please contact us to set up a time. 

        Private Workouts are one hour in duration.






Small Group Training


Small group training are one hour sessions focused on high reps in and out of goal with high intensity shooting, stickwork and other critical skills goalies need. These sessions are unique as they bring together goalies from different towns and school, all to learn from the coaching staff and each other. One of the best ways to learn is by watching others play to help mold your game.


To register, please Contact Us letting us know the session(s) for which you would like to register.  You will receive an email response back within 24hrs confirming if space is available along with additional information.

Group sessions require at least two goalies.  If two goalies do not register for a session, it becomes a private lesson.

There are currently no scheduled Small Group Sessions.  


 Three goalies per session.


Group Sessions are one hour and fifteen minutes in duration.



Big Stop Basics


If you’re great at the basics, you will succeed!  These clinics are for all ages and levels (beginner to advanced), and are designed to teach and reinforce the basics and principles of the position.  







Big Stop Elite










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